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Current Tender Proposals & Requests / Co-location Service Update!
« Last post by Admin on May 21, 2010, 01:07:19 pm »
 Co-location Service Update!

IPTO.TV Facilities management with Telehouse Europe.

We will be able to offer space in Telehouse North in Docklands from 19th April. 2010

The shared colo space will include a maximum power per footprint of 2kW per rack.  Each footprint has diversely fed A & B power feeds from separate UPS systems as standard and holds racks up to 1.2m deep.

The fee per footprint in Telehouse North is on application dependent on requirement. There is a one-off set up fee of ?1,600 per rack space. Please note that the costs do not include a physical rack - we can provide one for ?1,295 which would then become your property. The lead time upon placing an order and signature of a contract would be 5-7 working days.

Telehouse West, will open on 31st March 2010. Costs for this are as follows:

Shared space:?on application for each 2kW demise

We can offer additional kW up to 4kW per rack - additional cost per kW is ?1,350 per annum

There is a one-off connection fee per rack at this new site of ?1,850.

Our services at both sites include unlimited first line support as standard - this includes the following:

* Provision of access for authorised public telecommunications carriers, maintenance and Customer staff, according to current access procedures;

* Liaison with customer regarding equipment and circuit installations at the location;

* Checking of alarms on equipment;

* Receiving notification of circuit faults from the Customer, liaising with telecom carriers regarding such faults and notifying the Customer of clears;

* Changing of faulty modems and plug in type cards, using spares provided by the customer;

* Re-set, re-boot and power on/off of Customer equipment. 

Over and above these items our engineers can assist with other work such as equipment installation, decommissioning, tape back up, alarm monitoring - these would be charged at our rate of ?100 per man hour.

We can also assist you with any network requirements you may need and would be more than happy to discuss these with you.

Please email S@IPTO.UK for further info.


Costs are exclusive of VAT and may vary from the time of publication last update: 26/01/2010
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TO ESTABLISH A NETWORK OPERATIONING CENTER (NOIssued at Abuja on April 29, 2010;sa=view;down=1

We are tendering for this and would like Telehouse North to be our partners, could you put me in-touch with the principles.

David Everton-Smith

please see downloads
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