Author Topic: Ensure your DR Plan is ready for a Zombie Apocolypse  (Read 9507 times)

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Ensure your DR Plan is ready for a Zombie Apocolypse
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2012, 12:54:55 pm »
Ensure your DR Plan is ready for a Zombie Apocolypse
by _p_davison_small Justin.Davison





(a little tongue in cheek humor on a serious subject)

Disaster Recovery Planning is one of the most important tasks that we as admins perform, and we need to plan for all problems. When was the last time you watched a zombie flick and there weren't computer problems. Do you want to be one of the admins who blows your uptime metrics because all you care about is tasty brains or would you rather be able to proudly announce "I survived a zombie apocolypse and I still have five nines of uptime?"
Have the right equipment in stock and accessible

Have you ever tried to find your chainsaw and sawed off shotgun in a disorganized mess when you really need them, not fun. In advance of a zombie apocolypse make sure that you have chain saws, baseball bats, shotguns, and plenty of ammunition stocked in both your server room and office in well organized cabinets. Break out the P-Touch labeller and make sure everything is well marked. Have a sign out sheet on the cabinet and make sure you restock anything that is taken regularly. You don't want to try and remember who took the last box of shotgun shells and didn't tell anyone to reorder more when zombies are beating down the door.
Know your routes to the server room

You are going to need to protect your servers, the last thing you want is to have your uptime metrics blown because a zombified Bill from accounting got in the server room and started chewing on power cables. Have a route map to the server room including alternate paths mapped out in advance. You don't want to have to think about how to get around one zombie hoard while running from another. Planning is the key to success.
Plan your barricades in advance

Make sure that you have all of your barricade material purchased in advance and stored in the server room, this is doubly important if you have many glass windows. Don't forget to stock extra nails, have you ever tried to pick up what you need at Home Depot during a zombie apocolypse? It is worse that black friday and the sales staff may want to eat your brain even more than they do in the Christmas shopping season. If you don't know everything you need consult your building maintanence staff.
Think about power

Make sure that you have a proper generator and working battery backups for your datacenter. Knowing local government they don't have a proper DR plan for a zombie attack, so you can expect the power to go out. Do you really want to lose your five nines because some guy at the power company didn't plan as well as you did?
Redundant Internet and SLAs

Make sure you have redundnant Internet connections and that the SLA for each provider has provisions for a zombie apocolypse. If you have a 4 hour SLA on two independant providers one of them should be able to keep you up. If not make sure you have a recourse to get your losses recouped when the world is done ending.
Practice Practice Practice

You want to test your DR plan regularly, I would advise quarterly. Identify the members of your user community who are most like zombies and ask them to participate in a simulated zombie apocolypse. They will feel good because they can contribute to keeping the systems they depend on up and you know the plan works. Please note that live ammunition is not required during a simulation.

If you follow these simple steps all you have to do during a zombie apocolypse if hole up in the server room and fend off the zombie hoard and when it is all over you can go to your boss (assuming he was not turned in to a zombie) and ask for that raise, because you kept five nines of uptime when the world was ending. If you don't get that raise put this feat on your resume and go looking for a new job. It is an employee's market in a post apocolyptic future.


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